Lebanese food delivery in Cambridge

Lebanese food is a colourful, creative mixture of fruits, vegetables, fresh seafood, whole grain and starch. It focuses on fresh ingredients because the Lebanese rarely use leftovers. Surprisingly, poultry is eaten more often than red meat because animal fats are consumed sparingly. Herbs and spices are included in heavy quantities. That explains the unique array of sauces made from mint, garlic, parsley, nutmeg, oregano, cinnamon and allspice. 

If you wish to get a taste of authentic Lebanese cuisine, you can check out home delivery and takeaway options at Deliveroo. Their assorted restaurant menu features some rare Lebanese delicacies like hummus mixed and served alongside meat wrapped in grape leaves and steamed rice. Kibbeh, a lamb dish prepared with pounded meat kneaded with wheat and spices. Even desserts like baklava and beverages like arak and ahweh are delightful. Don’t forget to place your orders at Deliveroo. 

Cambridge: feel like having Lebanese food today? Give Deliveroo a try

Warm and welcoming country of Lebanon readily invites people for a hearty meal. Lebanese food is not merely a collection of ingredients but appealing aromas, enticing colours, delicious appetisers and festivities. Different restaurants in Lebanon have unique flavours that transcend borders and travel across the world. Now, they’ve reached the friendly neighbourhood of Cambridge. How? Because Deliveroo brings you a delicious array of Lebanese takeaways and home delivery in Cambridge. 

Tabbouleh, fattoush, shawarma and kibbeh are signature dishes that you have to try. Tabbouleh is a green vegetarian dish made of finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, onions, mint and bulgur seasoned with salt, lemon juice and olive oil. Likewise, fattoush is a nourishing bread salad prepared using mixed greens, tomatoes, radish and pita bread. 

Kibbeh and shawarma are Levantine meat dishes. Kibbeh is prepared using minced onions, bulgur, lean meat (camel, goat or lamb) seasoned with Middle Eastern spices, whereas shawarma ropes in turkey, chicken, buffalo, veal or mixed meat. It’s placed on spit and grilled for a day. Cumin, clover or nutmeg can be added to yogurt marinated meat to enhance its flavour. Sounds tempting, doesn't it? Don’t forget to place your orders with Deliveroo!