Lebanese food delivery in Bournemouth

Lebanese food is an interesting cuisine that most locals have yet to try. This is a real pity as it is known for its extensive options, balanced flavours and low fat properties. Unfortunately, finding a high quality Lebanese restaurant in Bournemouth that serves the this delicious cuisine can be rather challenging. Not to worry, though. The Deliveroo team has managed to find a few hidden gems that will never, ever disappoint.

From homemade hummus to grilled haloumi cheese and everything in between, like most other Middle Eastern cuisines, Lebanese food certainly doesn’t lack in flavour. If you’re sick and tired of the same old spicy takeaways, and want to order something mild yet flavoursome instead, Lebanese delicacies might be just what you’re looking for. Try it – once you taste the delectable goodness, you’ll be very glad you did. We’ll bet that you’ll soon be ordering seconds.

Bournemouth: Look no further for Lebanese food

Lebanese food is the ideal option for those who are craving something light and healthy. Popular dishes and snacks include fattoush, which is a ‘peasant salad’ (although only in name and certainly not in taste), made using crispy greens, mint, cucumber, tomato, pita bread and chickweed, and Baba Ghanouj, which is a tasty dip made of aubergine, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and tahina.

Are you in the mood to enjoy a platter of food as opposed to a massive meal? The locals love platters because they provide you with the opportunity to explore a number of flavours and to eat a little bit of everything. Dips, in particular are a favourite platter essential. It’s often recommended to order a variety of dips and to enjoy them with a generous serving of pita bread.

Keen to try out this new, exciting cuisine but pretty sure you won’t be able to find a premium Lebanese restaurant in Bournemouth that will meet your expectations? Don’t worry, because you can order online via Deliveroo. Just place your order from one of our many Lebanese restaurants, and with most areas in Bournemouth covered, we will deliver your nosh straight to your door.