Lebanese food delivery in Birmingham

Which cuisines give the most satisfaction to the meat-eater? Americans and their large hanger steaks and burgers are an obvious contender, as are the Koreans with their penchant for BBQ beef. But what about Lebanese cuisine? If you don’t know, Lebanese meat is all about the chargrill – and what meat-eaters don’t enjoy the taste of smoke infused into their meats? Lebanese meat is tender to boot, and sure to excite the taste buds of the choosiest foodie.

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Go Lebanese in Birmingham

Chargrilled skewers of lamb and chicken in warm pitta bread are just some of the great Lebanese options available. These meats are well served by Lebanon’s variety of dipping sauces. Baba ganoush and the classic hummus add even more flavour to wonderfully juicy meats. You may consider ordering a Lebanese salad along with your meat, too. Utilising aromatic mint and parsley, this simple red onion, tomato and cucumber salad will add a refreshing bite to those juicy meats.

So, what other options are there if you fancy a Lebanese order? A vegetarian diner might go for a hammana. This kidney bean stew is filling and flavoursome, and especially appealing during cold weather. Makdous – aubergine stuffed with rice and nuts – is another original choice for the non-meat-eater.

For anyone still hungry, think about adding a dessert to your delivery. Though it’s enjoyed all over the Middle East, baklawa has its origins in Lebanon. This sticky honey and pistachio-covered layered filo-pastry is pungent and sweet as can be. It would provide a great contrast to a main meal of salty meats. If you want a different sort of takeaway, you may find there’s lots to enjoy about Lebanon’s hearty cuisine.