Lebanese food delivery in Aylesbury

The UK is known for its diverse and eclectic cuisines, and one that is growing in popularity is Lebanese. So much so that’s it’s become the ideal takeout for people looking to enjoy food that is full of flavour, a bit exotic and great to share. Lebanese food is traditionally served to share, with mezze a huge part of what’s on offer. Lots of simple yet beautifully flavoured food in small portions – perfect to pick at and share. That way everyone gets lots of different tastes, and no-one gets bored!

If you’re not sure which Lebanese dishes to order, or you want to browse through those available, Deliveroo is here to help! We’ve brought together a wide range of excellent Lebanese food available in Aylesbury. You just need to decide what you want, order online, and wait for Deliveroo to drop off your food delivery.

Aylesbury: Discover the tastes of the Middle East with Lebanese food

Ideal for feeding a group of friends or family, Lebanese mezze can be served in the middle of the table, with people dipping in and out when they want. Mezze covers loads of different dishes, including vegetarian, meaty meals, some hot, some cold… the variety is one of the delights of Lebanese cuisine.

Lebanese cooking traditionally uses lots of fruit, vegetables, seafood and whole grain. Red meat is eaten less than poultry and is renowned for using loads of olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice as seasoning. Generally, fats aren’t used to cook with, making Lebanese food lighter than some other cuisines – but just as tasty. Ordering Lebanese food from your favourite restaurant and laying it out at home for your friends to enjoy will make you a culinary winner.

Try serving the gorgeous aubergine dish baba ganouj, alongside some salty ackawi cheese and Fatayer patties. Flatbread and roasted nuts, along with potato dishes like batata harra could add texture and carbs. And for pudding, it’s got to be the delicious baklava – layers of filo pastry filled with nuts and attar syrup. Isn't it time you tried something new – a break from the traditional takeaway? Order in with Deliveroo tonight.