Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Swindon restaurants

Globally known for incorporating healthy and fresh ingredients, exotic flavours, and with cooking techniques that date back centuries, Japanese food is a real treat. It surprises foodies with its diverse flavours, and wows the health-conscious with its low-fat preparation. If you want to try something different tonight, why not order Japanese food? 

Deliveroo brings top-quality restaurant food straight to your door, making eating Japanese food at home a reality. You can enjoy fantastic dishes from the comfort of your sofa, making it ideal for nights you don’t feel like cooking. And Japanese food is perfect for feeding your friends, too: order in platters of sushi to pick and choose from, or try some warming noodle dishes. Share crispy tempura with your loved ones, or keep it all to yourself. All you need to do is order your favourite dishes, and wait for us to bring you your takeaway. 

Swindon: Taste Tokyo’s finest Japanese food without leaving the house

Japanese meals are incredibly versatile, as they’re both light and filling. They’re quick enough to eat at lunch without causing a stir, but also hearty enough to act as your main meal at dinner-time. For an easy meal, simply order a bowl of noodles. You can choose between thin buckwheat soba noodles, thick wheat udon noodles, or Chinese-style wheat noodles. Slurp them up in a bowl of broth with fantastic toppings. Pork is a classic choice, but everything from deep-fried tofu, vegetables and tempura are also popular.  

If you want to see how other cultures have affected the Japanese food scene, then nothing beats Japanese curry. It’s thick and slightly sweet, often flavoured with fruit as well as vegetables and spices. Have it served over sticky rice, and get it with katsu – breaded fillets. Chicken and pork katsu curry are the usual choices, but there are tofu and vegetable katsu curries out there too. Or, combine the best of both worlds, and get curry udon – thick noodles served in curry broth. 

Japanese food is the perfect dinner. Order your delivery from Deliveroo, and you’ll be enjoying a taste of Tokyo in no time at all.