Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Stoke-on-Trent restaurants

Have you finally worked your way through all the best dishes on the Chinese menu? That means it’s time to explore another Asian country’s cuisine! Japanese food will prove quite a departure, and you’re probably going to realise that it isn’t all about the sushi! In fact, sushi isn’t even a common part of the Japanese diet. There’s more to it than that. Have we piqued your interest? Go ahead and check out Stoke-on-Trent’s Japanese restaurant menus. Deliveroo makes it easy to enjoy the experience of a new cuisine in your own home. 

Nowadays, you don’t need to put on your shoes and stress yourself out with a restaurant visit. Our service can bring it all to you. And who doesn’t like being waited on?! Once you’ve chosen, our delivery riders will be on their way with an authentic takeaway meal to inspire your senses! 

How about a Japanese?

If your nearest experience of Japanese food was a brick of ready-made ramen, get ready for a revelation! Nothing compares to the chewy delight of freshly made noodles. Get an order of these in one of Japan’s aromatic broths. These range between fishy to lively and spicy. Whatever broth you order your noodles in, you can go ahead and slurp away! The Japanese believe that slurping at your food enhances its flavour. 

A big part of Japanese food is the way it feels in your mouth as you’re eating it; this is known as ‘umami’. A delicate radish crunch along with a buttery swallow of broth is like food for thought,  especially intended for your palate!  

For a particularly Japanese experience, go with a bento box. This is a specialised tray of food which usually comes with meat, rice and other relevant dips and sides. This would be something commonly enjoyed by Japanese people during their lunch break. Authentic eh? Gyoza – Japan’s pan-fried pork dumplings – would also prove a light, satisfying snack choice. The culture of a country is found in its food, and this is one forgotten aspect of eating. Keep it in mind while enjoying something authentically Japanese!