Order Japanese takeaway from nearby St Albans restaurants

Whether you’re after delicate, whisper-light sushi and salads or great, hearty rice and noodle dishes, crispy, crunchy tempura or warming katsu curries, Japan’s got it on offer – it’s one of the most diverse cuisines there is.

The Land of the Rising Sun has an absolute treasure trove of food on offer, and we’re determined to bring the very best of it right to your door. Whether you want a steaming bowl of ramen to warm you on a cold winter’s night, with a rich, thick broth and a great tangle of bouncy noodles, or sweet and sticky salmon teriyaki, we’ve got you sorted. You’re sure to find something to love when you order a takeaway from some of St Albans’s most authentic Japanese restaurants with Deliveroo.

St Albans: Delight your taste buds with quality Japanese cuisine

You can get the best Japanese food in St Albans delivered straight to your door with Deliveroo, and no matter what you’re after, you’re sure to find something to scratch that itch. If it’s comfort food you want, look no further than a bowl of tonkotsu ramen, its thick pork broth hiding a seemingly endless amount of noodles, and chashu pork so soft that it melts in your mouth.

Or, for the ultimate lunchtime treat, get a bento box. As well as filling rice and noodles, you’ll find a range of tantalising meat or fish or veggie treats in these perfectly-presented boxes. Or, go for some fish – apart from sushi, there’s a great many cooked fish and shellfish options. What about some crispy prawns in tempura, served on a bed of rice?

Fancy something to wash that down with? Japan’s home to some great beers, but you can’t forget sake - and some restaurants even serve authentic plum ume-shuu. Deliveroo can bring you a full Japanese meal, from a local restaurant kitchen, straight to your door. Now, that's something worth getting excited about.