Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Southport restaurants

Is Japanese food solely about sushi? Of course not! At Deliveroo, we understand that fish may not be to everyone’s taste, but we’re on hand to deliver you the full possibility of the Japanese diet. Japanese food is healthy, expertly prepared and features flavours arranged in a way that is a little different to almost any other country.

Tempura, teppanyaki and tonkotsu ramen are just some of the dishes you can order from Southport’s Japanese restaurants today. How about it? With the absolute ease of a takeaway, you can get a window into the food culture of Japan with the utmost convenience. And why journey out to a restaurant when we can bring it all to you? Enjoying great food needn’t get in the way of what you’re doing – order a delivery from us and you can carry on creating or having fun without any interruption.

Turn Japanese in Southport

Are you a fan of curry? If that’s a yes, then let us ask - have you ever had a Japanese curry? This is known as katsu, a chicken curry very different to the Indian sort everyone knows so well. Katsu curry features breaded chicken in a mild spicy sauce with a hint of honey to provide a little sweetness and depth of flavour.

If you are or ever were a student, you’re no doubt familiar with ramen; however, a steaming hot fresh bowl of tonkotsu ramen, with freshly made noodles and shrimp, will blow you away. Its satisfyingly bold flavours are about a million miles from those dry noodle bricks with sachets of dust you may have encountered in your student days. And what better choice after a hard day of work than a steaming bowl of noodles in broth to perk you up.

Yet, Japanese is a cuisine no serious foodie should miss out on. And Deliveroo can bring it to you with minimal effort on your part. The toughest part will be deciding what to go for, because we’ve got all the hard work covered. So, what are you waiting for?!