Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Newcastle restaurants

One of the fastest-growing cuisines in the UK of the last couple of decades, Japanese food is no longer the preserve of the extremely wealthy. Japanese restaurants abound throughout the country, and particularly in large, multicultural cities like Newcastle. Which is great news if you’re looking to feast on fabulous Japanese food in the comfort of your own home.

We’re not talking about a run-of-the-mill takeaway; we’re talking about ordering in dinner from your favourite Japanese restaurant, and having it delivered right to your door. At Deliveroo, we’ve joined forces with premium Japanese restaurants in Newcastle, and as soon as we receive your online order, we’ll be bringing your delivery straight to you. Get your mates round, and order in a feast of exotic dishes. There’s something for everyone and it’ll make you very popular! Now all you have to do is choose your food.

Newcastle: a haven for Japanese food lovers

There’s always a place for sushi and ramen – after all, who doesn’t love a giant bowl of noodles and broth, followed by their favourite little sushi bites? But Japanese cuisine has a lot more to offer. Generally considered rather healthier than some other cuisines, Japanese food is nutritious and concentrates on balancing complex yet light flavours using fresh, seasonal produce.

For something unusual and exotic, try unagi. This is river eel, char-grilled and covered in a sweet sauce. It’s an authentically Japanese dish, and surprisingly delicious. For something a little lighter, try tempura. Hugely popular with most people, tempura is a very lightly battered deep-fried dish. You can have seafood, meat or vegetables and it’s traditionally served with soy sauce and grated radish.

For meat-lovers, there’s shabu-shabu. Thin slices of beef or pork are cooked in hot broth one forkful at a time. For a tasty, hearty Western-inspired meat dish, there’s tonkatsu, a deep-fried pork cutlet served with loads of shredded cabbage and miso soup on the side. Savoury, delicious and decadent – everything a good Japanese meal should be. Don’t forget to include some cold Japanese beer to enjoy your feast.