Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Loughborough restaurants

For anyone who likes their food to look as great as it tastes, Japanese cuisine emphatically ticks both boxes. Masterfully constructed bento boxes for nutritious lunches, neatly rolled sushi and tastefully presented katsu curries are among the many delights emanating from the Far East. However, you can now enjoy them in Loughborough, thanks to the array of quality restaurants that serve this Japanese favourite.

Japanese food has flourished in the UK in recent years. Managing to be both healthy yet full of fascinating flavours, it offers the best of both worlds and is equally suited to lunch at the office or an evening meal while settling down to watch that new box set you got for your birthday. Hot or cold, grilled or fried, there’s a whole new world of taste to explore. Order now with Deliveroo to enjoy a restaurant-standard Japanese takeaway at home or the office.

Teppanyaki can turn Loughborough into downtown Tokyo

One of the cornerstones of Japanese cuisine is teppanyaki. This is a method of cooking where meat, vegetables, seafood and eggs are cooked through using a flat iron plate. They help to seal juices in while charring the food perfectly on the surface, making for a tasty meal. In Loughborough, you can order shrimp, beef, chicken, lobster, mushrooms, peppers and onions made teppanyaki-style.

Japanese food is best suited to family dining. By ringing the nearest local Japanese restaurant, you can have teppanyaki, katsu chicken and the like, sharing your meals and having a great time in the process. Cuisine from this part the world is great for sharing, particularly if you’re hosting the whole family or a big group of friends for a birthday or some other special occasion.

If you want to make your food a little bit more savoury, few things work quite as well with Japanese dishes quite like soy sauce. A staple of Asian cooking, it offers an umami hit to lift rice, meats and fish. When ordering food, make sure you’ve got a bottle in your cupboard or, if you can, order a small portion to go alongside your sashimi rolls or salmon.