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Ever since the UNESCO recognised Japan’s Washoku cuisine as an intangible cultural heritage in the world, the cooking style attracted the attention of most food critics all over the world. Since this ancient culinary technique is vital for the survival of Japanese culture, it has been gloriously revived and revamped to fit the changing global scenario. But there’s more to Washoku than miso and steamed rice. The ingredients used may be basic but the Japanese pay special attention to preparation, presentation and quality. They use a dozen ingredients, ranging from vegetables to fruits for its preparation. 

The chefs include pickled vegetables, fried fish, steamed seafood and rice. Using quality staples like jasmin rice, udon and soba, the Japanese produce some of the best takeaway home delivery options. With Deliveroo, you can enjoy your favourite Japanese treats, as and when you like. 

Premium Japanese winter food for foodies in Livingston

When we talk about Japanese cuisine, there are three things that matter the most—seasoning, presentation and etiquette. The Japanese follow a strict dietary system that changes as per season and time of day. Now that winter has arrived, it’s time to relish on juicy, winter delicacies. 

As soon as the cold starts, the Japanese add winter staples like kabocha or winter pumpkin and matsutake (mushrooms) to most of their dishes. The chum salmon and Pacific sanma make a delectable Japanese curry. Some foods that can keep you warm during winter include nikujaga or roasted potatoes and meat, tonkatsu or pork cutlet and sukiyaki or hot pot. They add rice, eggs, broth, vegetables, fish and meat to their diet to keep warm from inside out. Even the street food like hamburgers, gyoza (pan-fried momos), grilled chicken yakitori and udon (noodles) can make your plate look like a wonderful piece of art. 

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