Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Liverpool restaurants

With its highly skilled preparation methods and unique presentation, Japanese food has significantly grown in popularity within the UK over recent years. Liverpool is certainly no different, traditional Japanese dishes helping to meet the cravings of residents throughout the city. Being high in fibre, as well as low in calories and cholesterol, Japanese cuisine is both healthy and flavoursome, with either rice or noodles accompanying the majority of dishes, in which meat, fish, vegetables and fruit are ever-present.  

Whether it is sushi, a vibrant katsu curry, chicken teriyaki or perfectly prepared seared salmon, a delivery from Deliveroo has all the bases covered, with a taste of East Asia delivered straight to your door at the click of a button. We have teamed up with only the very best Japanese restaurants in Liverpool in order to offer you their takeaway menus, and the perfect options for any occasion. 

Liverpool: The land of the rising sun

Deliveroo have partnered with the top Japanese restaurants in Liverpool, to bring you the most unique and satisfying meals, prepared by some of the most passionate chefs around. So, avoid the hustle and bustle of the city centre by placing an order with us today, and you could be enjoying Japanese classics such as zaru soba and udon noodle dishes within minutes.  

As well as creative meat dishes, restaurants available at Deliveroo also offer some of the most enjoyable and freshest vegetarian dishes around. Perfect for any occasion, whether you require a quick lunchtime snack or you are catering for a dinner party, delicious starters, mains, sides and desserts are all readily available with a delivery from Deliveroo.  

For meat lovers, steamed chicken and fried duck are two of the most popular dishes, while a pad thai salad offers an alternative. Sweet onigiri or a passion fruit cheesecake are just a taster of some of the superb desserts also available. So, why not order from our online listings now and avoid the drawbacks associated with eating out in Liverpool – queues, crowds and the hassle of travel. And don’t forget – with delivery food, there’s no washing up to do!