Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Leicester restaurants

Like Britain, Japan is one of the world's foremost island nations. And like Britain, Japan has a very distinct cuisine which draws heavily on its maritime history. However, that is where the similarities end. Japanese cuisine is based mainly on rice and fish, and yet it is incredibly vibrant and varied. With Deliveroo, you can bring authentic Japanese food to your table, delivered straight from the kitchens of quality Japanese restaurants right here in Leicester!

Tired of torrid takeaways and humdrum supermarket ready meals? Then try something different! Here at Deliveroo we bring you genuine, traditional Japanese dishes like ridiculously good ramen, delightful domburi, and yummy yakitori. Made fresh to order by professional chefs, ready for delivery straight to your door, the dishes listed in our online menus represent the best of the Land of the Rising Sun! Order now, and your food will be with you in no time.

Leicester: Bringing the joys of Japanese food to the East Midlands

Leicester is the hub of the East Midlands. Its cathedral and other attractions draw crowds of tourists. Its university houses thousands of students. As such, Leicester demands its food scene to be varied and vibrant. And no cuisine offers that more than Japanese food!

Struggling with some late-night studying? Get ready for a steaming bowl of ramen. Tired of the usual barbecue flavours? Try some chicken teriyaki. Want a healthy post-workout meal? Delve into a donburi rice bowl. But don't just settle for the most well-known staples. Explore the hidden gems of Japanese food with Deliveroo! Try a Japanese spin on the classic pancake with some okonomiyaki. Or rethink a traditional pork chop with some tonkatsu. Feeling rundown with a cold? Go for a comforting bowl of traditional miso soup.

The possibilities are endless, and whether you’re looking for fine food to share with friends or family, or a healthy meal for one after a long day’s work, Japanese cuisine has something to meet your needs. So, order online with a few clicks, relax, and let Deliveroo deliver the joys of Japanese dining directly into your hands!