Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Lancaster restaurants

Japanese food has grown hugely popular over the last couple of decades. No longer the reserve of the super-rich, it’s much more accessible across the UK, with lots of Japanese restaurants popping up. And Lancaster is no different, with a sprinkling of excellent Japanese, sushi and ramen restaurants across the city.

Deliveroo has teamed up with the best Japanese restaurants in Lancaster to bring you great quality food right to your door. It’s the best of both worlds, you get a delicious takeaway made with premium ingredients, and you get to wait at home for us to bring your delivery. If you’re entertaining friends and family, you don’t have to worry about cooking, shopping and cleaning – it’s all done for you. How good does that sound? All you need to do is decide which delicious Japanese dishes you want to order online – easy!

Lancaster: A plethora of Japanese restaurants to choose from

Although sushi has a place at your table, Japanese cuisine has much more to offer. Ramen, for example, may seem like a simple meal of noodles and various accompaniments, but each dish is a delicate balance of spices, herbs and flavours developed over the years by skilled chefs. It’s comfort food at its very best, and comes in different flavour combinations. Choose from shio (a transparent salty broth), miso (distinctive and familiar flavour in the UK), tonkotsu (a creamy broth made with pork bones) and shoryu (soy sauce).

A popular choice is chicken katsu curry, with its rich and mild flavour. Eat with miso soup on the side for an authentic taste of Japan. For added crunch and flavour, order tempura. Essentially deep-fried meat and vegetables in a thin, crispy and light batter, tempura can be dipped in different sauces, including sweet chilli and the classic wasabi/soy sauce combination.

Japanese food is also great for vegetarians as there are plenty of variations available that don’t use meat. However, it’s always worth checking that your chosen dish hasn’t been cooked with any kind of fish sauce, if you are a strict vegetarian.