Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Horsham restaurants

The country of Japan is a collection of thousands of islands large and small, so it makes sense that the sea would have an influence on Japanese food. Fresh fish, like salmon and yellowtail tuna are prominent features of its cuisine, but that’s hardly the whole story. Noodles, rice bowls, and freshly seared chicken and beef are also mainstays in Japanese dishes, and the ways in which each selection is prepared are virtually limitless!

Horsham, we have great news: the flavours of Japan are far closer than you think. In fact, if you place a takeaway delivery order for Japanese food with Deliveroo, we will deliver those flavours directly to your door. Savour a bowl of hearty miso soup, or sink your teeth into a soba noodle dish. Avoid going out and enjoy the fresh, restorative properties of Japanese cuisine in the comfort of your own home.

Horsham: Take time to enjoy Japanese delicacies

Japanese culture cultivates a peaceful state of mind. However, it may be difficult to find serenity in a Japanese restaurant. The best place to enjoy your Japanese food is at home. Here, you can fully appreciate the complex, yet delicate flavours of an authentic Japanese ramen dish - and nobody can judge your chopstick etiquette.

Japan's cuisine mixes old and new, with flavours that have stood the test of time for thousands of years. And it's so easy to enjoy the food at home: just choose your favourite Japanese dishes from top selections in the Horsham area. Browse our extensive list of restaurants and dishes, order, then wait for your marvelous meal to arrive. It's ideal for entertaining guests or enjoying alone, and you'll have food with you in no time.

Whether it’s a hot soup, crisp tempura, or even a selection of the freshest and finest sushi, you’ll be able to find it with Deliveroo. Allow us to help transport you to the island nation of Japan — all without leaving the comfort of your kitchen. That’s the transformative power of Japanese cuisine.