Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Hemel Hempstead restaurants

Hemel Hempstead may be a long way from Japan, but you don't have to travel to the Far East to enjoy delicious Japanese foods. Still, dining "Japanese style" can be a bit awkward for some, but don't worry about food etiquette now that you can eat Japanese fare at home or at work. Order a proper spread from the town's finest kitchens. Deliveroo is your local online restaurant delivery company, bringing quality Japanese food to your door.

A classic miso soup with tofu, wakame seaweed and green onion is an awesome way to begin an authentic Japanese meal. Lovers of grilled chicken and mixed veggies can't get enough of the scrumptious chicken teriyaki with its special sweet sauce. Bring some sushi onto the table; enjoy the delicately vinegared rice and variety of tasty fillings. Order online and prepare your taste buds.

Hemel Hempstead: Dine in with stylish Japanese cuisine

Hemel Hempstead boasts some good choices of fine international cuisines, which includes Japanese food. There are even more choices now on how and where you want to eat. Today, you can enjoy a real Japanese restaurant-quality spread in your own place. This is the perfect way to eat quality fare without the fuss of dressing up and dining out.

A typical Japanese spread usually consists of a number of smaller dishes. This enhances the dining experience, giving added variety, lovely flavours and pleasing textures. Noodles such as udon and soba are light yet satisfying. The simmered dishes like fish foods in broth offer tasty additions to the table.

Agemono, in Japanese, means deep-fried, and there are lots of those tasty delights to choose from. Kara-age gives you luscious bite-size pieces of fish, seafood, chicken and other meats. There's so much more to quality Japanese fare than great sushi bites. Don't forget the smaller sides of fish, pickled vegetables, and veggies cooked in special broths. Explore our partner restaurant menus and have fun putting together a traditional multicourse washoku meal of your own.