Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Harrogate restaurants

Transport your taste buds from Yorkshire to the Land of the Rising Sun! Get a range of quality Japanese cuisine delivered direct to your door via the Deliveroo Japanese section for Harrogate. If you’re looking for a tempting takeaway that’s just a little bit different, Japanese food offers a wide range of dishes to suit every palate and occasion.

For those in search of hearty comfort food, a bowl of ramen noodles in an umami broth is satisfyingly slurp-tastic. The Japanese believe the more noise you make eating them, the better they taste – and who are we to disagree? Equally enjoyable are the thicker udon noodles, or stir-fried yakisoba dishes. And if you’re in search of something a little lighter, then order in a platter of fresh sushi for bursts of flavour in surprisingly lean packages.

Harrogate: Take your taste buds to Tokyo with Japanese food

Fortunately for the foodies of Harrogate, there’s an ever-growing range of Japanese food on offer, and thanks to Deliveroo you don’t have to travel to Tokyo to experience it – or indeed travel anywhere at all! Whether you’re a Japanese food novice or total otaku, there’s a wealth of delicious restaurant-quality dishes which are ready and waiting to be explored.

Many Japanese dishes are designed to be enjoyed as an accompaniment to alcohol thanks to their origins in izakaya bars, which makes them perfect for an after-work treat or celebration with friends. Deep-fried chicken pieces, or karaage, are succulent and satisfying, while gyoza dumplings are little parcels of deliciousness. Battered, crispy morsels of tempura are also great washed down with a light Japanese lager or glass of sake.

While carnivores have masses of choice with meat dishes aplenty, there are also tempting vegetarian options: try tofu katsu curry or veggie donburi for meat-free meals that deliver on flavour. Another area where the Japanese excel in the kitchen is dessert: for alternative puddings that are a talking point in themselves, consider soft mochi rice cakes or sweet twists on savoury favourites.