Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Glasgow restaurants

Albeit a small country, Japan is the culinary capital of the East. Japanese cuisine is not only delicious but also diverse. Traditional Japanese restaurants include a vivid range of vegetables, sea food, seasoning and meat that can be cooked, steamed, grilled or fried. Ramen, a popular wheat noodle soup, pretty much includes all the ingredients and culinary styles of Japan.

Initially imported from China, ramen comes in countless regional variations. Shoyu ramen, the most popular version of Japanese ramen, contains noodles dipped in clear chicken broth, which is flavoured by shoyu or soy sauce. The soupy noodles include fish, beef, pork or hard-boiled eggs. Seaweed, bean sprouts, onions, corn and mushrooms are also included. If you want to try hearty Japanese ramen in Glasgow, make sure you order it through Deliveroo’s online platform. Glasgow restaurants offer mouth-watering Japanese takeaway for delivery for foodies that love to dine at home!

Glasgow: Incredible Japanese food straight to your doorstep

Mouth-watering Japanese cuisine is famous all over the world for its beautiful presentation, unique flavours and aromas. While the entire world is familiar with the awesomeness of ramen, there are lesser known dishes like okonomiyaki and tempura that are equally as delicious as Japanese staples.

Tempura, which was first introduced by missionaries in Nagasaki, initiated the custom of frying wheat/rice batter in Japan. Tempura is basically sea food (fish, prawn, lobster or crab) dipped in light batter, then deep-fried in sesame oil and canola. The finished dish resembles the finger foods of the West. Sushi and sashimi are raw fish, rice, vegetables and seafood packed together. Creating the perfect sushi is an art that comes with experience and regular practice. Okonomiyaki are pan-fried versions of American pancake. They’re made from wheat or rice batter and cabbage. Topped with seafood, cheese, wasabi or sliced meat and you have the best Japanese dish!

Such incredible Japanese food is served alongside the main course. Foodies can place an order at Deliveroo’s online platform, which offers takeaway home delivery, so that you can enjoy your meals in the cosy settings of your home. Go ahead and order now!