Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Exeter restaurants

While westerners might not be used to using chopsticks, that shouldn't stop us from enjoying nourishing Japanese food. From miso to fresh edamame, Japanese food is just plain good for the soul. It’s tasty, it’s filling without being too heavy, and it’s extremely healthy - so it’s no wonder that it’s so popular here. And now, thanks to Deliveroo, it’s never been easier to get takeaway Japanese food.

If you see that bottle of soy sauce sitting in the cabinet and know that you must have the perfect dish to pair it with, that’s when it’s time: visit our online menu listings, and prepare yourself for the best Japanese food in the Exeter area. Once you submit your order, we'll deliver it to your door as soon as possible.

Exeter: Authentic and fusion Japanese cuisine is just around the corner

Ramen dishes are an indelible part of Japanese cuisine, and nowhere does them better than proper Japanese restaurants. Deliveroo will deliver rich ramen dishes with fresh egg noodles, soft-boiled eggs, deep umami broths and a fantastic range of traditional toppings.

But that’s only one small piece of the equation! If you’re craving the delectable, seaweed-infused taste of poke, we’ve got varieties of everything from tuna to chicken. For the more adventurous connoisseurs of Exeter, we have plenty of sashimi options to choose from, as well. And if you’re trying to take your evening to the next level, you can’t go without a bottle of sake.

Deliveroo strive to bring the flavours of Japan to your doorstep. Some may argue that the best place to eat Japanese food is in Japan, and that may be true – but enjoying authentic Japanese cuisine from the comfort of your own home may be a close second. So even though you’re still within the comfortable confines of Exeter, order through Deliveroo and let us help take your taste buds on a temporary trip to Tokyo.