Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Durham restaurants

Japanese food has been hugely popular acorss the UK for some years now, leading to an explosion in city centre restaurants offering delicious fare. If you’re looking for Japanese cuisine for home delivery, but want to make sure you only enjoy the finest quality takeaway then at Deliveroo, we have the answer.

We work with Japanese restaurants in Durham to offer you a huge list of dishes you can order online. The idea is that when you’ve looked through our listings, decided what you want to eat and placed your order, then we’ll come deliver your food as soon as possible. You’ll be in receipt of the finest, freshest Japanese dishes created and prepared by professional chefs in their own kitchens. This guarantees you the highest quality takeaway to enjoy in the comfort of your own home - the perfect solution!

Durham: Tempt your taste buds with Japanese food

Japanese food is not only about rice and noodles, vegetables and meats but also about delectable combination of all these ingredients. We recommend not limiting yourself to tried and tested favourites but to throw yourself into the exotic menus and try loads of different dishes. A foodie favourite, Japanese cuisine is known for its lightness of touch, and its depth of flavour. Skilled chefs use many ingredients to create the authentic aromatic end result that we know and love.

You could go for classic stir-fried noodles with veggies, seafood and yakisoba sauce or try donburi, with its tender chicken pieces with cooked with beaten egg, white rice and soy dashi sauce. Shogayaki (pork cooked in ginger-garlic sauce and garnished with green onions) makes a healthy choice for a special meal, and yoshoku - savoury chicken served with egg and fried rice - is a simple yet delicious treat.

Meat lovers should order shabu shabu, the classic hot pot containing mushroom, cabbage, thinly sliced pork or beef dipped in seaweed broth and seasoned with citrus ponzu sauce. If you want something sweet and salty, go for caramelised unagi served with steamed plain rice. You could try beef and chicken teriyaki too – gorgeous!