Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Derby restaurants

Japanese cuisine has a really special quality that makes every meal a pleasure. The care and attention to detail means that even the smallest dishes are both delicious and extremely aesthetically pleasing. For a great selection of Japanese culinary wonders, look through our restaurant and menu options for Derby.

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Derby: For culinary jewels of Japan

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, Derby has some excellent restaurants to offer the discerning diner. The chefs are passionate and work hard to produce incredible dishes and we’ve made some careful choices to ensure that you get the best quality Japanese food out there. But you’ve got a role to play too… it’s time to make some decisions about your order!

You can’t go wrong with a katsu curry. This is a big hit in the UK as it combines various flavours and textures that are known and loved. A pork or chicken fillet is tenderised and coated in breadcrumbs before frying. Once crispy and golden the meat is sliced and combined with a sweet and rich curry sauce and served with perfectly cooked fluffy white rice.

For a hot and hearty dish, ramen is the obvious choice. This traditional noodle soup is made with special ramen noodles, hence the name, and is perfect for both meat-eaters and vegetarians as it can be made with meat, seafood or vegetables. Packed with onions, garlic, pak choi and green beans, this is a healthy and delicious broth that imparts a definite sense of well-being!