Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Coventry restaurants

Not so long ago Japanese food was an uncommon sight in the UK. Nowadays, everybody loves it and it’s not hard to see why. The presentation is always incredible and the taste is quite superb. We’ve picked some great restaurants in Coventry so check out the menus and get choosing.

Of course the best thing about ordering Japanese food through Deliveroo is that you don’t need to leave the house. We hate the idea of trekking out to a restaurant just to have a good quality meal, which is why we do what we do. It’s a special takeaway that is a cut above the rest. What you have to do is simple – look through our restaurant and menu options, decide what you’re going to have and place the order. Then, our lovely people will make the delivery – easy, peasy, Japanesey!

Coventry: Brilliant Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine can be really stunning and Coventry does it very well. With our amazing delivery service you can have the best of Coventry’s Japanese restaurants with absolute ease. The hardest thing is choosing what to eat.

A nice way to begin any Japanese meal is with a portion of edamame beans. More of an appetiser than a starter, these lovely beans are coated in salt and sometimes chilli and garlic, and are incredibly moreish. Alternatively, sashimi makes an excellent starter. This delicacy consists of raw fish and meat that is sliced very finely and served with soy sauce and wasabi. It has an interesting texture and a memorable flavour that you won’t find anywhere else.

As a main course, the katsu chicken curry is always popular. It is unlike almost any other curry on the market as the star ingredient is a breaded fillet. Usually chicken but sometimes pork, once fried until crisp and golden, it is served with the famous, rich and slightly sweet curry sauce on a bed of fluffy rice. Finally, an exciting pudding choice is mochi ice cream, which combines ice cream with mochi – a sticky Japanese rice cake.