Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Chester restaurants

As that old saying goes, variety is the spice of life - so why not spice up your life by ordering some Japanese takeaway today? Now, what comes to mind when you think about Japanese food? What kind of food is at the heart of the culture? Maybe sushi is the first thing you think of. But there's so many delicious dishes outside of this: try slurping down buckwheat soba noodles, or enjoy a bowl of crispy tempura.

Discover a whole world of Japanese food beyond the classic raw fish and rice. You might be surprised at the delicious dishes on offer. From authentic shabu-shabu and warming hotpots through to funky fusion curries, Japanese food is a gastronomic wonderland. Choose what takes your fancy from the food on offer at local restaurants, and Deliveroo will bring it right to your door.

Chester: Explore a whole new world of Japanese dishes

Take a look at the menus of the Japanese restaurants in Chester to unearth some lesser-known food from this cuisine. A simple classic is thick udon noodles in broth, featuring freshly chopped spring onions and a wide variety of toppings. Take a look at Japan’s tempura – lightly battered meat, seafood or vegetables served with a slightly-sweet sauce, and the perfect partner to sticky white rice. The Japanese are very fond of beef, too, and kobe beef is famous around the world as being tender and delicious.

Vegetarians shouldn't feel left out, either. There's a fantastic range of dishes available for people who don't eat meat. Tofu or gluten protein known as seitan can both replace meat, while other dishes are deliberately structured around vegetables. Try pumpkin katsu, deep-fried slices of breaded pumpkin, served with curry sauce and rice, for a true taste of Tokyo.

Where other cuisine may seem fussy and overdone in sauces that you might feel are too rich, Japanese food has a minimalist aesthetic. Serious, subtle flavours are given the chance to stand out. For a different takeaway experience, consider an order of Japanese fare today.