Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Cheltenham restaurants

Look to the East for inspiration and let the Land of the Rising Sun provide you with a novel alternative to the usual takeaway suspects in Cheltenham. Deliveroo’s online listings gather together the menus of the city’s best Japanese restaurants, so all you need to do is browse our online choices, decide what you fancy and order. Alternatively, just use our smart phone app to do so. Your food will be delivered before you know it.

Japanese food is a great option when you feel like having something a little bit different, and it’s surprisingly versatile and varied, with dishes to suit all tastes and dining occasions. There are light and healthy options for a quick lunch or snack, warming comfort food, lavish dinners and sharing platters that are perfect for larger gatherings. Give your friends, family and guests something to talk about with Japanese treats from Deliveroo.

A Japanese jamboree delivered to your door in Cheltenham by Deliveroo

While Japanese cuisine is perhaps best known for light and healthy food such as sushi, it also offers rich dishes that are sure to warm you up on a cold day – ramen noodles, for example, with a rich and savoury broth of pork or chicken. Japanese curry is also worth trying. It’s milder and sweeter than the Indian equivalent, for instance, but it is still supremely satisfying when served with steamed Japanese rice.

A great way of sampling a selection of the best that Japanese cuisine has to offer is to order a range of smaller dishes to share, in the style of the izakaya bars that are so popular in Japan. Moreish savoury nibbles such as grilled yakitori skewers, karaage fried chicken and steamed gyoza are all delicious when washed down with a light and refreshing Japanese lager.

Another tempting option is a bento box, which usually features a main dish such as grilled fish, steamed rice, salad, pickles, and often a bowl of miso soup. The food’s usually beautifully presented and garnished, for a meal that looks as good as it tastes. Just head to our online listings now to order your Japanese fare to remember.