Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Brighton restaurants

When you think of Japanese food, you’d be forgiven for thinking of sushi and nothing else.
The Japanese are known for using very fresh ingredients in all their cooking and the food suits Brighton the same way sake complements a Japanese dish. With Brighton’s seafront location, and diverse population, it just works so well! With Deliveroo, you don’t need to worry about looking for the finest restaurants in Brighton, we’ve already done all the hard work for you, partnering with the best eateries in the city for you to order from.

Deliveroo can bring the full range of gorgeous Japanese food to your door and thanks to all the Japanese chefs gracing English shores, Deliveroo can do it right. You’ll be sending your senses on a culinary journey when you sit down to a Japanese takeaway in Brighton. Visit our online menu listings to order – your palate will thank you!

Marvellous Japanese meals in Brighton

With Brighton being one of the UK’s most metropolitan and diverse cities, you won’t find Japanese food out of place among the Lanes or on the pier. Sure, you can get your fill of fish and chips on the seafront, but if you want something different, you can order Japanese food online, and eat at home.

Grab a bowl of pork ramen and dip a spoon filled with rice into the broth left over in the bowl at the end to soak it up. Or try seafood – it’s a very popular choice and there’s more variety than just salmon parcels and tuna and mayonnaise. Think swordfish or motoyaki, which is baked seafood topped with a creamy sauce to delight your taste buds. Noodles are a big part of the diet so you’re guaranteed to get stuffed on low calorie dining.

With plentiful meats and vegetables, paired with ramen or sticky rice, you’ll be too full to care you didn’t cook yourself. And that’s without even considering the extensive sushi options available. Eating in is the new going out and when you have such delicious, varied cuisine available at the click of a button, why leave the house?