Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Birmingham restaurants

Like so many of the dishes found in Asia, Japanese food is a cuisine built on noodles and rice-based dishes. However, the variety of possible flavourings is uniquely Japanese, despite the fact dishes like ramen were originally ‘exported’ from China and introduced into the Japanese cuisine. The restaurants around Birmingham are waiting to cook up a Japanese treat for you. Our service here at Deliveroo will ensure that getting an interesting plate of food is a convenient experience. You don’t have to put your coat on and trek out to a restaurant for restaurant-quality food any longer!

Perhaps you haven’t any real idea what Japanese food is. Knowing that a cuisine consists of noodles and rice doesn’t really tell one much about its character. An order of a new food is sure to be an exciting and surprising experience. Let Deliveroo help you enjoy something new today.

Use Deliveroo for Japanese food in Birmingham

So, let’s talk about noodles. In Japan, different sorts of noodles are used for different sorts of food option – similar to how different pasta shapes in Italian food suit different dish purposes. Japan’s udon noodles are thick and made from wheat flour. They can be served hot or cold and are usually paired with the likes of fried tofu or vegetables with a slight crunch. Yakisoba are fried, ‘Chinese style’ noodles which are often served with meat and the likes of cabbage and carrot.

Besides noodles, another popular dish in Japan is tonkatsu. These deep-fried cutlets of pork are typically served with rice and shredded cabbage. This style of pork is also commonly found in katsu kare, a form of Japanese curry which has a sauce containing curry powder and a hint of honey for a very different style of curry than the usual Indian.

Whatever you go for with your Japanese delivery, it will likely delight the senses, with flavour combinations you might be unaccustomed to. The main thing about Japanese food is that it is very fresh and prepared with mouthfeel as well as taste in mind. Order some Japanese takeaway today for an alternative culinary experience.