Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Bath restaurants

With its rich abundance of gastronomical delights, as well as both seasonal and regional dishes, Japanese food is rapidly growing in popularity within the UK. Bath is certainly no different, with a number of restaurants at Deliveroo offering a wide variety of Japanese cuisine for delivery straight to your door.

The Japanese use a variety of cooking methods to create some of the most unique dishes, with grilled, steamed, deep-fried, vinegared and dressed options all available to order at Deliveroo, from Bath’s most renowned Japanese restaurants. Of course, sushi has become one of the most loved dishes across many cities, with Bath offering a wide range from a number of outlets at Deliveroo. However, if sushi is not what you fancy, many other dishes, including katsu curry, chicken teriyaki and seared salmon can all be enjoyed at just the click of a button.

Bath: Japanese cuisine delicately prepared

Bath may be known for its high-end restaurants and culture, however the Japanese can certainly not be matched when it comes to the presentation and precision of cooking. The Japanese are some of the most passionate cooks in the world, and their attention to detail certainly comes across in their food. Food is often described as an art in Japan, just one of the many reasons as to why an order with Deliveroo will leave you both fulfilled and impressed.

A Japanese menu at Deliveroo certainly caters for all, with a whole host of freshly-made meat and fish dishes accompanied by some of the most adventurous vegetarian options around. Eating meat was prohibited in Japan before 1868, and now, dishes such as zaru soba and udon are among the most popular. If you are feeling really adventurous, you can even sample natto, a Japanese delicacy made from fermented soya beans!

Place your order now with Deliveroo to enjoy quality takeaway sushi prepared by top-class restaurants in Bath.