Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Aylesbury restaurants

Over the last few years, Japanese food has become increasingly popular in the UK, with its fresh ingredients, cooking techniques and delicate flavours delighting people all over the country. And, for Japanese food fans in Aylesbury, there’s plenty on offer. At Deliveroo, we’ve listed the very best Japanese food available to order for delivery straight to your door, so if you’re looking for a special meal to enjoy at home with friends or family, we can help.

Japanese food was originally based primarily on rice and miso soup flavours, with lots of fresh vegetables. Fish, pickled vegetables and delicate broths feature heavily, along with plenty of seafood, rice, noodles and beef. As well as traditional Japanese dishes, there is of course sushi – one of the most popular takeaway food items of all. Sticky rice, sashimi (raw fish), vegetables and nori (seaweed) form the basis of this gorgeous Japanese food.

Aylesbury: A haven for Japanese food lovers

For the perfect dinner party food, or for a special romantic meal at home with your partner, Japanese dishes are ideal. Based on combining gohan (white rice) with several okazu (main dishes), and generally accompanied by miso soup or vegetable pickles (tsukemono), Japanese meals combine a lightness of touch with lots of taste. Traditional Japanese food uses hardly any red meat and fat, but concentrates on miso and soy flavours, along with plenty of vegetables and fish.

Japanese and European fusion dishes tend to include more meat so there are always a variety of meat choices, alongside vegetables and rice. This reliance on veggies as a staple makes Japanese food a great choice if you’re ordering takeout for vegetarians – just make sure the dishes haven’t been cooked with dashi stock as this traditional flavour is fish-based.

An exception to the low use of fat is tempura, which is a cooking technique that involves deep-frying meat, fish and vegetables in a crispy, light batter, flavoured with subtle spices – completely delicious! Combine your favourite dishes with the staple of rice or noodles from your favourite restaurant for a great meal at home. Enjoy!