Order Japanese takeaway from nearby Aberdeen restaurants

The classic Japanese diet is super fresh and appetizing. It offers a profusion of culinary delights of infinite variety. Their balanced, light, fresh dishes focus on rice, seafood and buckwheat noodles with a dose of umami flavors. The variety of foods is what makes this Far Eastern cuisine such a popular choice for foodies living in the central Aberdeen areas. Sushi on the dinner table has certainly brought variety to the homes of Aberdonians. Those tasty fresh, raw strips of fish wrapped over bite-sized vinegared rice balls are tasty and moreish beyond belief.

Choose your restaurant and select dishes with fresh fish, seasoned veggies and mouth-watering cuts of meat. But instead of trekking out into the night to get Japanese food, order takeaway from your favourite restaurants. Let Deliveroo take your order, and our delivery service can bring Japanese food into your home.

Aberdeen: Explore Japanese cuisine from the comfort of your home

Japanese chefs take great pride in their meals, plating up dishes which balance amazing flavours with beautiful presentation. This care extends to all foods on offer, from delicately sliced sushi to stir-fried yakisoba noodles. The Japanese make a great curry too, and it comes in three basic forms. The most popular is curry rice, but you can also find curry bread and curry udon, served with thick wheat noodles.

Octopus balls — or takoyaki — is a quick Osakan snack that packs a punch. If you haven't tried it yet, put it on the shortlist. It has a crispy exterior which contrasts with its gooey centre, and a surprising rubbery morsel of octopus tentacle nestled in the middle. But it’s not the only street food that’s made it to restaurants: yakisoba, okonomiyaki and okonomiyaki all have histories as festival snack foods.

There's so much to try outside of the standard sushi. Look for matcha sundaes, ochazuke soup, sticky unagi or high-end Kobe beef. Indulge in some taco rice or enjoy some crispy fried croquettes. Place your Deliveroo takeaway order today and discover why the fine folks of Aberdeen are turning to Japanese.