Order Italian takeaway from nearby Windsor restaurants

Italy has provided the world with an abundance of fresh and tasty dishes ranging from succulent stuffed pasta (otherwise known as ravioli), bolognese and the much-loved pizza. Windsor has not been able to escape this Italian rush whatsoever, and there are many restaurants across the city. At Deliveroo, we’ve teamed up with the best Italian restaurants in Windsor to offer you a huge variety of choices for a takeaway with a difference.

Whether you’re enjoying a Friday evening with friends and are looking to load up on some well sought after carbs, or it’s a lunchtime on a Tuesday and you’ve got a real hankering for a creamy carbonara, we have you covered. Just check out our extensive listings and order online with us. As soon as we receive your order, we’ll drop your tasty delivery off right at your door. It really is as simple as that!

Windsor: Enjoy a little slice of Italian dining

Even if you’re a food novice, it’s more than likely that you know Italy is known for their cuisine. Pasta, pesto, tomato, mozzarella, pizza dishes… you name it, Italy more than likely conjured it up, and now you can experience it at home with Deliveroo.

We thoroughly recommend going authentic with this treasured food group. Why not explore the realms of Italian soups and opt for the cannellini and pancetta soup, with its creamy texture and plethora of flavours, you can’t go wrong. If you’re after something more substantial, check out the hearty grilled Tuscan chicken, originating from Northern Italy. For those vegetarians amongst us, explore the likes of beet risotto with truffle oil or a simple vegetarian pizza.

Italian food is so delectably dynamic that we’ve sought the best of the best in Windsor, teaming up with various restaurants and eateries whose dishes are made to order, tailored to your every need. Put your feet up, switch the TV on and we’ll have that piping hot stracchino cheese crostini to your door in a jiffy. Don’t forget to include some delectable Italian desserts, including the coffee soaked tiramisu, or a creamy panna cotta with fruit coulis.