Order Italian takeaway from nearby Stoke-on-Trent restaurants

Italian food is strongly influenced by creamy, indulgent, cheesy sauces, hearty pasta dishes and deliciously herby flavourings. It really serves the purpose of hearty family cuisine while at the same time proving an elegant enough option to enjoy with that special someone. Avoid the hassle of going to a restaurant; curl up on the sofa or lay the table for a family dinner. Deliveroo will bring the right dishes for the occasion you have in mind. It doesn’t get much easier than ordering a meal with us. 

Have you even considered an order of Italian takeaway before? Some diners are more discerning, and we know they may turn their nose up at ‘fast food’. However, with Deliveroo, Italy’s well-considered, classy offerings are also available delivered straight to your door – and restaurant-quality is still guaranteed. All the style of eating out will be intact! 

Eating Italian in Stoke

For the romantics, you could go with a salmon linguini or a portion of scallops dressed in a herby butter. Such light, subtly-flavoured cuisine would also suit those wanting a light snack. Sometimes the simplest dishes are the best, and Italian fare is really all about giving ingredients the chance to shine. With its sweet tomato and béchamel sauce, an authentic lasagne straddles that line between light and rich, opposed to stodgy and sickly. 

For the bigger appetite, thick rigatoni pasta covered in rich beef sauce could be your ideal match. For the herb-lover, a cutlet of lamb dressed with rosemary and a hint of lemon would captivate the senses. For those looking for a light lunch, a calzone or a hot tuna panini would suffice. 

At Deliveroo, we understand that you want to eat great food with minimal effort. We in fact see Italian food as a very underrated delivery option. The chance to eat expert cuisine approaching a gourmet level is a special experience, whether it’s for a particular occasion or the everyday. Remember, you won’t have to drive home after your meal – and Stoke’s Italian eateries can also provide a delectable bottle of wine.