Order Italian takeaway from nearby Sheffield restaurants

Thankfully Sheffield is a vibrant and exciting city in the culinary department, so whatever foods from around the world you want to eat, you can find them here. If you want to feel like you’re sitting on a sunny piazza in Rome watching the world go by, take a look at the Deliveroo Italian restaurant listings section for Sheffield and you could be whisked to Italy in a flash.

This is restaurant delivery to your door and the best takeaway in the city. When you crave a creamy pasta carbonara flecked with Italian ham, a mouth-watering bowl of spaghetti Bolognaise, some melting oven-baked cannelloni covered with cheese, a refreshing panzanella salad, a meaty lasagne to feed the family or a round of delicious arancini risotto balls, just order online and you can enjoy authentic Italian food without leaving home.

Italian delights in Sheffield

When you long for the flavours of Italy; fresh ripe tomatoes, tangy aromatic basil and the waft of heavenly parmesan cheese, why not give the cooking a miss for a night and order online with Deliveroo instead. You can choose your favourite Italian dishes from Sheffield’s best restaurant menus all from our website. This is the best takeaway delivery in town!

So get your friends and family round for a weekend feast or treat yourself to a sumptuous mid-week meal for one and you could be enjoying delicate ravioli smothered in sage butter, slurping luscious linguini with clam sauce, eating a hearty homemade minestrone soup, tucking into a mouth-watering wood-fired Italian pizza with a super thin crust topped with tomato and melting cheese or a bowl of comforting gnocchi with pesto.

Don’t forget to order something sweet! With desserts this good, you might as well order a delicious coffee and liqueur-infused tiramisu, a sundae of the finest Italian gelato, a silky semifreddo or creamy tubes of cannoli. When you want to turn your home into an Italian taverna, just go online with Deliveroo!