Order Italian takeaway from nearby Reigate restaurants

Gourmet restaurants in Reigate include Italian cuisine made by chefs with traditional recipes that have been evolved over time. With Deliveroo, you can enjoy those authentic dishes in the comfort of your own home and with little effort. That's because, we do all the fetching and carrying so you don’t have to. Italian food is rich in flavour, rich in history and filling, you don’t have to miss out just because you don’t want to go out.

Not a pasta fan? Not a problem. Unless you’ve tasted the delights of a creamy mushroom risotto or a Tuscan classic of pork belly porchetta in red wine sauce, you haven’t lived. Pair it with warm, cheesy garlic bread and a side of mussels and Deliveroo will seem like all your food wishes come true. And, you can stay in your pyjamas because your order will be brought to your door!

Reigate: Minimal fuss for a gourmet cuisine

From olives and buffalo mozzarella to tomato drenched bread dipped in olive oil, the Italians know their food. The traditional Italian chefs know that the best food takes minimal fuss for maximum flavour impact. Fresh ravioli cooked from hand rolled pasta and filled with anything you desire. The quality of the olive oil used in the dishes and the freshness of the meat used throughout just cries out as gourmet food.

There are traditional favourites like meaty lasagnes and spaghetti alla carbonara, to the more eclectic chili infused clams and thin crust, meat covered pizzas. Whatever your taste, Reigate is living and breathing an Italian culture through the centre of the town.

Luckily for you, Deliveroo knows where the best restaurants hide in Reigate and can provide tasty Italian dishes from one course to another at the click of a button. Great Italian food doesn’t have to be out of reach, check out the menus online today. The natives in Reigate will always have their recommendations for the best restaurants but if you know your tastes, you’ll find them easily. Let Deliveroo bring you the finest mascarpone and savoiardi (lady fingers) any day of the week.