Order Italian takeaway from nearby Reading restaurants

You know that feeling of dragging yourself home after a long day, to a clamouring family hungry for a hearty Italian meal you’ve cooked? Deliveroo know it too, and we’re here to rescue you! Get yourself online with us, and you could be diving into tortellini and cheesy garlic bread this evening. Tip back a tray of mussels soaked in chilli oil or stick to a firm favourite of spaghetti Bolognese. Choose a seafood risotto if you prefer something filling and fishy all at once. Whatever your tastes, Deliveroo can bring them to you to save you the trouble of your family meal! 

If you want to order a full menu of Italian delights, you can and should! Try out the Italian desserts like crispy, sweet cannoli and zabaglione, you’ll never want another Italian main again. Deliveroo can deliver whatever you crave from many of the Reading Italian restaurants available. 

Reading: Tastes of Italy in Reading

Cheese is one of the tastiest additions to Italian food and in the gourmet Italian restaurants in Reading, you could be trying parmesan, fontina and robiola all over your chosen traditional meal. Gooey cheeses are just a staple of Italian flavours and in Reading, Italian food is popular, authentic and downright cheesy. There is so much to love about Italian food and there is always something new to try. The chefs in Reading bring Italian food to the table via Deliveroo and it is restaurant-quality, excellent and a meal enough to transport you to the country itself. 

There are some amazing meat dishes like pollo prosciutto and fried sliced potatoes that are cooked up in a traditional way by Italian chefs. You don’t have to be a lover of pasta to enjoy Italian food at all. Italian authentic marinara is created by so many Italian chefs and in Reading, each one delivers their own twist on it to make it unique.  

Deliveroo is always available to deliver the best in Italian cuisine and never fails to do so. 
Tagliatelle aside, choosing to go out can be such a chore, but that doesn’t matter anymore now Deliveroo are here!