Order Italian takeaway from nearby Oxford restaurants

Fancy a taste of la dolce vita? Craving a carbonara? Would you positively delight in a big dollop of pesto? You don’t have to go very far — let Deliveroo bring the very best that Italy has to offer straight to your door. We know that the best way to enjoy your favourite food is in the comfort of your own home. So, we work with amazing Italian restaurants across Oxford to offer you a wide range of dishes to order as takeaway.

It’s no normal takeaway though, it’s restaurant quality food delivered to you. We pride ourselves in only working with restaurants that work with the best chefs, qualified to cook authentic and delicious food. Have a look through our listings for Oxford and decide what you’d like to eat. Then simply order online and wait for us to bring your delivery to you. It’s that simple!

Oxford: discover a taste of la dolce vita

There’s nothing more comforting than a steaming bowl of pasta. Try it with a big, meaty ragu, or in a perfectly silky carbonara sauce. Or, fancy fritti misto? Raring for a risotto? These are just a fraction of the culinary riches that Italy has to offer the world. Italian cooking combines big and hearty flavours with the freshest of fresh fruit and veg — everyone’s a winner.

Or, perhaps you fancy pizza? Whether you’re dying for a deep pan pie or craving a crispy crust, we’ve got it for you. If you want yours with home-cured salami and mozzarella all the way from Italy, or covered in pepperoni, Want something to wash that down with? Italy’s home to some of the best wines in the world, so if you fancy a big red Barolo, or a suave little Soave, or you want to pop the cork of a celebratory bottle of prosecco, we’ll bring it to your door.

Oxford has a lot to write home about. There’s beautiful scenery, big green parks, and a half-decent university. Oh, and the best of Italian restaurant cooking, delivered straight to your door. If that’s not la dolce vita, then we don’t know what is.