Order Italian takeaway from nearby Nottingham restaurants

Italy has the whole family thing figured out. Between the expressive, affectionate ways in which they greet one another, their ability to “tell it like it is,” and most importantly, their huge portions of food, Italians have the whole familia thing figured out. Best of all, Italian food seems to induce conversation more than any other cuisine. There must be something in that ricotta cheese! You should be able to have a family conversation over pasta primavera and lasagna, from the comfort of your very own dining room table! Thanks to Deliveroo, now you can. Log on to our smartphone application or website, and order from some of the finest Italian restaurants in the Nottingham region. Pick your favorite gnocchi, meatballs, and linguine, and leave the rest up to us. In no time, a rider will arrive with your fresh Italian fare.

Nottingham: twist up a forkful of authentic Italian flavour

Deliveroo offers you the opportunity to have the Italian food experience you want. If you want to gather the family around fresh pasta and eggplant parmesan, it’s your prerogative. Or, if you want to eat a potato gnocchi and pesto dish in silence and solitude, we’ll respect that, too! Regardless, our app and takeaway delivery service makes it easy to cultivate the culinary experience you desire.
Nothing says family like fettuccine Alfredo and baked ziti. Italian food resides as close to the heart as food can get. You don’t want to compromise on carbonara at a restaurant! You deserve the complete in-home Italian experience, and Deliveroo endeavors to deliver it directly to you. Our team is just as passionate about food as you are, and we believe that the best dining experiences start at the front door and end in the kitchen.
So say “Ciao!” to the Italian restaurant hang-ups, and chow down with delivery from Deliveroo! Allow your taste buds to transport you across the Mediterranean Sea to a place where taste reigns supreme, tomatoes are at the center of everything, and family is the most important ingredient of all. Italian food isn’t just food — it’s culinary therapy!