Order Italian takeaway from nearby Norwich restaurants

Imagine if we all had a personal Italian grandmother to add colour to our home and to whip us up an authentic lasagna at a moment’s notice. At the very least, we’d love it just for the sake of conversation! Quite simply, nothing says “Familia” like Italian food, with its age-old recipes and tomato-rich dishes. When you’re hungry, nothing beats a bubbly pasta primavera.

Deliveroo has great news: Now, you don’t have to be an Italian grandmother or be Italian to get your hands on incredible Italian. Even better news: You don’t even have to go to an Italian restaurant! Utilising our takeaway and delivery services, you can make all of your wildest Italian food dreams a reality. Deliveroo allows you to bypass the Italian restaurant sit-down experience, and have us bring you your food directly to your door instead.

Norwich: Dream of Italian cuisine all day long

Norwich has plenty of stellar Italian restaurants, but that comes with its own set of shortcomings. Between the potential for long lines and boisterous crowds, you can’t quite enjoy your chicken parmesan the way you’d like to. If you want to, you should be able to eat gnocchi in a place where it’s low-key! Deliveroo brings all the selection of the Italian restaurants to your home, with none of the drawbacks.

Deliveroo works with some of the very best Italian eateries in the Norwich area to ensure that the ravioli you receive is the best you’ve ever had. But there's so much more on offer than just pasta: why not try some creamy risotto, made with plenty of stock and white wine? Enjoy restaurant-quality food from the comfort of home, and the best of both worlds.

You don’t have to take a journey to Italy to find authentic, flavourful and rich Italian food. You don’t even have to leave home. Italian food is designed for the family, so tonight, why not treat yours to a bounty of authentic Italian food? Dinner is just a click away, with Deliveroo.