Order Italian takeaway from nearby Northampton restaurants

Quite simply, no cuisine says “familia” like Italian food, with its age-old recipes and tomato-rich dishes. When you’re hungry, nothing beats a bubbly, fresh-baked lasagne straight from the oven. Imagine if we all had a personal Italian grandmother to add colour to our home and to whip up that authentic lasagne at a moment’s notice. At the very least, we’d love it just for the sake of conversation!

While Deliveroo can’t provide your very own live-in Italian grandmother, we do have good news. It’s never been easier than right now to get your hands on authentic, premium Italian food from Northampton’s finest restaurants. Just use our downloadable smartphone app, or visit our extensive online menus for the area, choose your favourite dishes with a few clicks, and put your feet up. Our dedicated delivery team will have them delivered directly to your door in no time. Bravo!

Northampton: Wake up and smell the baked ziti!

We get that banter and boisterous crowds are part of the Italian food experience. But that’s if you’re in Italy. No offence to those dining out in Northampton, but it’s not like we’re telling tales of the Old Country here! Sometimes, it’s nice to enjoy spaghetti in solitude. Eat it alone, or make tonight a pasta night with the family. Deliveroo bring you all the goodness of Italian food, but none of the interruptions.

Northampton is no slouch when it comes to genuine Italian food. There are many fine Italian chefs in the town. Deliveroo work with the best of the best to ensure that we can offer you their delicious foods. Our team are trained in the art of takeaway delivery, and they love garlic bread just as much as you do – rest assured they’ll come to the rescue, and quick!

You can journey to Italy to find rich, authentic, savoury Italian food, but you can also find it right in your kitchen – and you don’t have to look too hard. Simply pick your favourite and a mouth-watering feast will arrive at your door, whether you’re on your own or dining with friends.