Order Italian takeaway from nearby Newcastle restaurants

Want a taste of the fresh ingredients of the Med? In the mood for some authentic and perfectly cooked Italian cuisine? Want to entertain your family and friends with a truly impressive feast? We can help! Deliveroo have teamed up with the best Italian restaurants across Newcastle to bring you their menus. And then we’ll bring you their food.

All you need to do is decide what you want to order (and if you’re hosting a dinner party, we’d recommend ordering lots and lots of different dishes), and wait for us to bring your takeaway delivery to you. All the great food you could wish for, cooked to a high standard, without any of the hassle of either going out or cooking. It’s win/win! In fact, we’re pretty sure that the only problem you’re going to have is narrowing down your choices…

Newcastle: the perfect city to find the perfect Italian feast

Italian cuisine is famous the world over for its delicious flavours and fresh ingredients. You’re guaranteed to find something to please everyone, no matter how picky their palate. To start off, order a few arancini. Everyone will love these stuffed, fried rice balls, and you can get meaty or vegetarian versions if you prefer. Serve with cured meats, olives and focaccia bread for delightful starters.

Dive into a classic lasagne for your main. You can’t beat the mix of ragu, pasta, cheese and vegetables for a real taste of Italy. For meat aficionados, treat them to osso buco alla Milanese, braised veal served with lots of vegetables and a lemon, garlic and parsley sauce known as gremolata. We’ve only scratched the surface of delicious mains available – have a look through our listings for a full run down.

Desserts are an Italian speciality, and we highly recommend an authentic pud like tiramisu. Probably the most well known of the Italian desserts, it’s a coffee-laced, creamy, sweet treat. Or try torrone – this is similar to nougat and made from egg whites, honey, lemons and toasted nuts. Crunchy, chewy and very, very more-ish. Make sure you order enough!