Order Italian takeaway from nearby Loughborough restaurants

For a romantic dinner for two, a night in with a bottle of wine or if you’ve managed to ruin your attempt at knocking up a lasagne, if in doubt, why not go for some Italian food? Such is the diverse nature of Italian cuisine, you’ll find a dish for pretty much every mood and every occasion. In fact, Italian food is one of the most popular Mediterranean cuisines in the UK, and nowhere more so than in Loughborough.

The city has many fine Italian restaurants, offering authentic and lovingly prepared food. And at Deliveroo, we believe that enjoying this restaurant quality food at home is the best option. So, we work with great restaurants across the area, to bring you a huge choice of dishes. Simply order online with us, and before you know it, we’ll be on our way to your home along with your takeaway delivery.

Loughborough: Lots of lovely Italian food

Loughborough, tucked neatly in between Nottingham and Leicester, is a quiet place conducive to dining in peace. A lot of Italian cuisine made here is perfect for that, particularly when paired with the right wine. Dining at home on a lasagne al forno (baked, to you and me) is ideal during a blustery autumn evening when the nights are closing in, whilst a light spaghetti carbonara comes into its own on summer nights, eating together on the patio.

Pasta alone is one of the most versatile dishes around. It can be paired with any meat or seafood and there are many dishes with prawns, chicken, pork and veal. Prawn is at home with linguine, whilst the tubular rigatoni works well with veal and pork. Delicate herbs including basil are married with punchy black pepper and fragrant oregano in many dishes, with garlic adding a layer of sweetness in many a ragu.

Italian desserts are among the finest in the world. Tiramisu, with its layers of sponge, cream and coffee liqueur, is delicious. Or go for a bowl of gelato for an ice cream treat with an adult edge. No Italian feast is complete without an espresso to finish it off.