Order Italian takeaway from nearby Livingston restaurants

Pizzas and cheesy pastas are often termed 'unhealthy' by nutritionists. If you're fond of Italian food, you must understand that Italian cuisine is not just restricted to gelato, cappuccino, fettuccine alfredo or pasta carbonara. There are plenty of other things that you can try like protein-rich bresaola (air-dried, salted beef). It's lean, tender and less on fat and carbohydrates. 

If you want something sweet and cheesy, you can try polenta (gluten-free, ground cornmeal). It's served with milk and shredded Parmesan on top that makes it totally yummy. Even dieters on a calorie diet can relish in broccoli rabe (healthy greens sautéed in olive oil). This dish is just 9 calories! Isn't that surprising? There are plenty of other food items which you can order from Deliveroo's Italian menu. We features local restaurants that offer takeaway Italian delivery in Livingston. If you want to eat healthy, count on Deliveroo! 

Interesting facts about Italian food

Pizzas, pastas, bruschetta (garlic bread) and mushroom risotto -- Italian cuisine is one of the best and the most versatile cuisines of the world. The natives in Livingston are familiar with Italian cuisine and the different renditions of it that appear around the world. It's a known fact that Italian food has travelled and amalgamated with other culinary cultures and thus undergone a complete transformation. 

Surprisingly, there are plenty of things that we don't know about Italian cuisine. For instance, spaghetti and meatballs which is regarded as the most tempting Italian dish didn't originate in Italy. In fact, it was developed in America. A popular pizza topping, pepperoni, was never used in Italian. Italians recognise 'peperoni' as bell pepper. Likewise, the authentic Italian pizza 'margherita' is a lot simpler than you think, it just contains tomatoes and cheese.  

If you thought that Italy is the only place where you'll find bona fide Italian food, you're wrong! Deliveroo's online ordering platform features premium Italian restaurants that take orders for takeaway delivery in Livingston so you can enjoy a good Italian at home!