Order Italian takeaway from nearby Lancaster restaurants

Top-notch food is abundant in Lancaster – its multicultural heritage producing excellent restaurants across a variety of cuisines. Italian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the UK, thanks to its fresh ingredients, simple cooking style and delicious flavours. Whether it’s traditional choices like pizza or pasta, or something different, you’ll find something to enjoy.

Italian is great for a meal with friends and family, whether it’s a Friday night gathering or a celebratory dinner. But what about those nights when you just don’t feel like going out? When it seems like way too much hassle to hit the streets and find a restaurant? Deliveroo has your back. We’ve partnered with the most reputable Italian restaurants across most areas of the city to offer you fast, fresh delivery of your Italian takeaway. Restaurant quality and speedy delivery – it doesn’t get better than that!

Lancaster: Home to fabulous Italian food through Deliveroo

Why is Italian food so popular? Could it be its fresh, delicious ingredients and simple style of cooking? If you want to order an entire Italian feast, follow the traditional courses of antipasti, pasta, a main meal, side dish and pudding. Lots of food, lots of taste!

Antipasti misti (mixed starters) are great by the platter. Pass them round and share the flavours of the Mediterranean with dishes like tomini (cream cheese with chilli), vitello tonnato (veal covered in a tuna mayonnaise mix) and lots of breadsticks (grissini). The pasta course is next – choose some hand-rolled ravioli stuffed with minced beef, or egg pasta strips smothered in a rich, tasty ragu. For a decadent dish, order pasta with tartufo (truffle shavings). For your main, a whole sea bass with roasted vegetables and fennel could do the trick, or a plate of bollito misto. A must for meat-lovers, this northern Italian stew contains, pork, offal, veal and chicken.

Italian desserts are equally delicious, with many choices including classic gelato (Italian-style ice cream). You can choose from pretty much any flavour imaginable and each one has that quintessential Italian flavour. Don’t forget a rich Italian red to wash it all down!