Order Italian takeaway from nearby Horsham restaurants

Italian food is the ultimate family experience! Between the age-old recipes that seem to travel through the generations from one Italian grandmother to the next, to the huge portions, Italian cuisine is made to be shared. The best place for an authentic Italian dinner is at your very own kitchen table, where your guests can help themselves to spaghetti alla Norma, trenette al pesto, and hunks of garlic bread. If you don’t have an inventory of Italian cuisine secrets, that’s fine – Deliveroo are here!

At Deliveroo, we pack all of that great Sicilian, Venetian and Roman cuisine into our delicious online menus. Just browse our listings of some of the Horsham area’s top Italian bistros. Once you’ve decided on your dishes, our takeaway delivery services will wing them into your hands. If you so choose, we will bring your precious pasta primavera directly to your doorstep!

Horsham: We speak the language of linguine

Italian cuisine was defined in the home – why confine yourself to eating it in a restaurant? If you want the true Italian experience, you should be feasting on fettuccine under your very own roof. Deliveroo want to create the true Italian dining experience for you. We make it easy by bringing all of your favourite Italian selections directly to your door. The best part is, you won’t have to clean up your kitchen afterwards!

While we won’t be able to furnish you with an Italian grandmother singing in your kitchen, the flavours might just be so good, you’ll be willing to overlook this detail. Whether it’s a crispy, cheesy lasagna you have your heart set on, or a linguine in a white wine sauce that will make your heart content, Deliveroo will bring your taste of Italy directly to you.

At Deliveroo, we seek out the best of international cuisine. No type of food has been more of a mainstay throughout history than Italian. Its flavours are rich, fresh, filling, and fun, and you should always have the opportunity to try them! What are you waiting for? It’s time to order with Deliveroo! Ciao – or, rather, “chow”!