Order Italian takeaway from nearby Guildford restaurants

If you crave Italian cuisine right now, let us provide you with the best. At Deliveroo we know that when it comes to classic dishes it’s important for everything to be just so. Browse our Italian menus for Guildford and trust in our good taste!

We know that in a spaghetti bolognese, the spaghetti must be al dente. We know that with a simple dish like garlic bread it’s the details that count – the bread must be crisped to perfection. We also know that this kind of culinary excellence usually requires a trip out to a restaurant. Well not any more. With Deliveroo, we bring top restaurant quality food to you - t’s a takeaway, but not as you know it. Just look through the enticing menus, place your order and wait for our delivery team to arrive. And, don’t worry, it’ll be with you in no time!

Guildford: Superb Italian straight to your door

Guildford might be a delightful English town but this doesn’t stop it from serving up some delightful Italian food. The refined Italian restaurants handle the classics masterfully and we’ll bring them straight to your door.

Italian food is renowned the world over and it has become a favourite in the UK too. Just think how spaghetti bolognese has now been adopted as a staple dish for any good home cook and pizza is a delight difficult to imagine living without! But if you’re ordering Italian food, you might want to consider something a bit special.

If you’re unsure of what to choose from our menus, then why not try a carbonara? As Italian cooking goes, this dish is very simple, but the flavours are absolutely divine. The saltiness of the bacon works beautifully with the creamy sauce and grated Parmesan cheese finishes it perfectly. The surprising thing about this dish is that the traditional recipe doesn’t use any cream at all, only fresh eggs for that lovely richness. Don’t forget to complete your meal with a sweet finish. Tiramisu is a coffee-lover’s dream and of course, Italian ice cream is unmissable.