Order Italian takeaway from nearby Exeter restaurants

Fair citizens of Exeter: Have you ever been walking next to the Quay on a beautiful afternoon and envisioned yourself on a riverside Italian stroll? While the lack of gondolas drifting down the canal might put this daydream to rest quite quickly, thanks to Deliveroo, you can fulfill the most important part of this fantasy: the food!

Deliveroo make Italian carryout service as easy as uno, due, tre! If you have mushroom risotto on your mind, you need to muster the motivation to visit Deliveroo’s online menu listings. Just feast your eyes on the food of the highest-quality Italian restaurants around Exeter. Choose from delectable spaghetti carbonara, bruschetta appetisers, or even a margherita pizza, if that’s what you fancy. Place your order with a few clicks, and in no time at all, your delicious takeaway will be delivered to your door.

Exeter: Taste traditional Italian food from authentic trattorias

You would be hard-pressed to find a culture where food is more of an indelible part of life than in Italy. That’s what makes it so good – you can taste the love in it. Fresh tomatoes, aged parmesan, and good-quality olive oil form the bases of so many delicious Italian dishes, proving that deliciousness doesn't have to be complicated.

Italian cuisine offers endless variety. If you prefer the simple end of the spectrum, let Deliveroo bring you authentic meatballs and marinara sauce. For those who like to expand their palate, perhaps fettuccine bolognese is in order. And for a twist on the classic pizza, a calzone might be the solution. Regardless of what you choose, it'll be great.

Italian food is more than mere sustenance – it’s a temporary hiatus from the everyday grind. You don’t have to travel to be transported. Why not turn that next riverside jaunt into an afternoon in Venice? Just remember, your trip will only last as long as your spaghetti al pomodoro. But don’t worry – we’ll be sure to bring you a big portion. Bravissimo.