Order Italian takeaway from nearby Ellesmere Port restaurants

Italian food is a favourite around the whole world, yet there are times when after a long day, all you want to do is lie on the couch in your pyjamas, instead of going out. Deliveroo is here to help you get the best of both worlds: just browse the high-quality restaurants in the local area using our listings, make your order and let Deliveroo bring it to your doorstep.

There are the more obvious pizza and pasta options that Italian cuisine is well known for. But if you look deeper, there’s so much more. Risotto and ravioli are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they come in an array of fantastic flavours but their soft and creamy textures are to die for.

Italian food is as heart-warming as it is fresh and delicious. Make your selection now and expect fast and friendly delivery.

Ellesmere Port: Bringing the best of Italian cuisine to your doorstep

Ellesmere Port has a whole host of amazing and authentic Italian restaurants for the whole family to enjoy dining from. But who needs the kerfuffle of choosing the best going-out wear when you’re all comfy in your staying-at-home gear? By visiting Deliveroo and ordering delicious takeaway delights like fine-dining bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and onions, or even soft, perfectly made tagliatelle, just like it was made in its homeland of Bologna, your living room will start to feel like a backstreet Italian eatery.

And who could forget the refreshing desserts that Italy is famous for? Vanilla or strawberry panna cotta will go down a treat whereas panettone, although originally solely a Christmas treat, is now popular all-season round and the taste is earth-shatteringly good. On the other hand, gelato (that’s ice cream, to you and me) will give you that soft, light feeling at the end of a marvellous meal as well as satisfying your taste buds even more than you ever thought it would.

By bringing all these mixtures of flavours into your living room, Deliveroo brings a little bit of Rome into your life, making you feel like a gladiator ready for battle.