Order Italian takeaway from nearby Dundee restaurants

While stone baked pizzas, silky pasta dishes, wobbly creamy panna cotta and sumptuous velvety ravioli are something lucky Italians enjoy eating every day on their sun drenched piazzas, now Dundee locals can also enjoy fine Italian dining all from the comfort of home thanks to Deliveroo. Just go online and check out the Italian restaurant listings section for heavenly food for home delivery.

So go on; dive in to our fabulous menus and choose from porcini laced pasta ribbons with salty parmesan, beautifully crispy pizzas topped with juicy tomatoes, milky mozzarella and fresh basil or a blissful bowl of indulgent coffee and mascarpone filled tiramisu for the perfect end to any meal. Now you really can enjoy restaurant food at home thanks to Deliveroo. Whether it’s dining for one or treating your friends, this is the best takeaway in the city.

Dundee: Explore Italian food from a whole new perspective

Deliveroo's online Italian restaurant menus will take you on a mouth-watering culinary journey through the most delicious Italian dishes that you can now enjoy without even leaving the house. There’s dishes available from different regions of Italy, from the saffron-infused Milanese risotto through to the famous fish dishes of Sicily. Naples is well represented with its famous pizza, while Bologna gave its name to the ubiquitous Bolognese sauce that so often appears with pasta.

Round out your Italian meal in style by ordering a delicious pudding to finish off. From torta di riso to panna cotta, cornetti con panna to panettone and tiramisu, you can feel Italian love oozing from every fine dessert. There are rich desserts as well as mild, creamy ones, making it an ideal sweet end to a tasty dinner.

Try gnocchi potato dumplings for a different kind of carbohydrate, or order delicious polenta dishes to appreciate a more rustic taste. No matter what kind of fine Italian food you’re after, Deliveroo can bring it straight from local restaurants to your home. Dine in with style – and you won’t even have any washing up to do afterwards.