Order Italian takeaway from nearby Cardiff restaurants

Creamy carbonara! Luscious lasagne! Bruschetta and antipasto! If it’s Italian food you’re after then Deliveroo are here to supply it. It’s all here, ready to be delivered to you, courtesy of Deliveroo! Sometimes you just need to feel full of tomato-based delicious Italian cuisine. It’s great hearty food best enjoyed with a bottle of vino. Spaghetti and meatballs in pasta sauce, perfect pastas and delicious sides like bruschetta.Full of variety from appetisers, to mains with little sides of olives and garlic bread, just to spoil you.

Cardiffians, we have you sorted! Sensational spaghetti Bolognese or yummy meatballs in tomato sauce served with spiralled fusilli? Maybe it’s time for some good old hunger-stuffing ravioli! So many great dishes including a fantastic range for vegetarians means it’s easy to find something for everyone when choosing Italian cuisine.

Cardiff: going Italian has never been easier for pasta lovers

They say olive oil is one of the reasons why people on the Mediterranean live for so long. It might seem strange, but did you know tomatoes weren’t actually native to Italy? It was actually Spanish conquistadors returning from South America in the 1500s who brought this juicy red fruit to Europe. We might not come from quite as far, but like the conquistadors, Deliveroo aim to bring delicious takeaway delivery goodness to your door without any hassle.

Italian food isn’t just about the big main courses. The starters are like a warm up before you get into the game. Italians follow a strict process when eating their meals. First they have the starters, then primo (usually a pasta dish), followed by secondo (usually meat or fish with vegetables), and then fruit or dessert followed by a coffee to finish.

Notable starters include garlic bread, bruschetta, and plates of antipasto which all get the juices flowing in preparation for the feast. If you want some healthy and oh so delicious dishes, order artichokes, olives and sun dried tomatoes along with your bread.