Order Italian takeaway from nearby Cambridge restaurants

Credited as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, Italian dishes such as spaghetti bolognese and linguini have become some of the most popular meals in Britain. When it comes to food, the Italians are not one to disappoint, and as such their chefs pride themselves on only using the freshest organic ingredients day in, day out. When it comes to cooking Italian food, nobody does it better than Italians.

And that’s exactly why Deliveroo have teamed up with some of the leading Italian restaurants in Cambridge – it’s all about quality. Sure, you could delve into the kitchen and throw together a quick carbonara, but why not leave it to the experts? Order with Deliveroo and get the true Italian experience, but with the benefit of eating from the comfort of your own home. Simply grab your phone, laptop or phone and bring the restaurant to your door – simple.

Italian food isn’t just about pizza...

While most would argue that pizza from Napoli is the most iconic dish to come out of Italy – and who would argue? – Italians are also known for their amazing pasta dishes. From the buttery, cheesy fettuccine alfredo to the rich and creamy carbonara, Italians have a truly special way of working with pasta.

Of course, if you’re more a fan of tomato-based dishes, Italian food doesn’t disappoint! Crispy bruschetta topped with tangy basil and tomato serves as a simple, yet tasty appetiser, while Italian meatballs in a rich sun-dried tomato sauce acts as the perfect main. And while you might think Italian cuisine is obsessed with beef, they are a dab hand with fish-based dishes as well, with one standout dish being the Italian-American inspired cioppino soup, filled to the brim with clams, shrimps and mussels – perfect for all you fish lovers out there.

With Deliveroo we only work with the best Italian restaurants Cambridge has to offer – which means no more dodgy takeaways. So, who needs to go out? Jump in your pyjamas, stick on your favourite movie and order with ease via Deliveroo and let the restaurant come to you.