Order Italian takeaway from nearby Bristol restaurants

Italian food in Bristol is cooked up by the most careful Italian chefs, who understand Italian food is so much more than pasta. Educate your taste buds with a fusion of British produce and Italian cooking and discover an explosion of flavour you won’t have experienced before. You can go for the pasta favourites and hand-stretched pizzas but if you want something truly authentic, go for pollo alla cacciatore with focaccia bread on the side.

When choosing a takeaway to order in, it’s rare that people think of Italian food as something to opt for. With Deliveroo, this can be your choice. We can bring you the finest Italian fare in the city and deliver it hot. There’s something so luxurious about enjoying a restaurant-quality meal at home without having to cook it yourself, and that’s the service that you get with Deliveroo.

Bristol: Modern Italian cuisine in the city

In a large port city such as Bristol, you can expect dishes full of the fruits of the sea and when it’s seafood that is marinated in Italian spices and grilled by a professional Italian chef, it’s simply delicious. Going beyond the average takeaway to traditional Italian food can be a change but it’s a change you won’t regret.

If you are in fact a lover of seafood, you will love Italian cioppino. It’s a classic seafood stew with a little of everything from the sea. Shrimps, clams, mussels and scallops, all beautifully seasoned and served with crusty bread. It’s something different to lasagne and pizza but just as deliciously Italian as any of the traditional meals. Follow it up with a delicious affogato – vanilla ice cream with a shot of hot espresso. It’s a sharp dessert with a mix of hot and cold flavours creating a taste sensation.

At Deliveroo, we have gathered together the menus of the best Italian restaurants in our listings, so whatever your favourite dishes are, Deliveroo are here for you. Order online and settle in for an Italian experience like no other in the comfort of your own home.